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It’s truly no surprise to know that the meaning of the lion is strength. After all, it will not be called the king of the jungle for nothing!

But more than its strength and intimidating appearance, it’s also because of the lion’s ability to lead and influence others. When the lion roars, it’s already making a bold statement. When the lion rises, everybody takes notice. This symbolizes how the lion totem dominates in relationships, both personal and professional. The lion symbolism also emphasizes personal power – your strength, self-confidence, courage, and assertiveness. It also signifies how you are the master of your own domain, and how you are the epitome of strength, power, and masculinity. The lion is ferocious and at the same time beautiful. It is graceful and elegant, and it has a commanding presence.

Lion doesn’t need to roar loudly for you to know that this is an animal of strength and power. Just by looking at it you will know that it is a creature that you should not mess with.

Material - Solid Copper 

Dimensions - 25 X 60 mm / 0.98 X 2.36 inches

Weight - 32 g